AUN–HPN Healthy University Framework

The AUN–HPN Healthy University Framework (HUF) publication was developed by AUN–HPN in 2017. A reference guide for universities in terms of their roles and policies in health promotion at university level, the HUF describes health promotion initiatives in ASEAN universities, the principal determinants of a healthy university, implementation of a healthy university framework, as well as mechanisms for assessment, monitoring, and evaluation of a healthy university.

The framework has 4 main objectives:

  • To set standards for health promoting universities in ASEAN
  • To raise awareness of university administrators on issues of unhealthy behaviors and environments
  • To promote the role of AUN member universities in health promotion within and outside universities, and
  • To scale-up health promotion activities in ASEAN and Plus Three countries.

The AUN–HPN Healthy University Framework describes components required for health promotion at university level, nearby communities, and the whole society. These are divided into systems and infrastructure, zero tolerance areas, and health promotion areas.

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AUN–HPN Healthy University Framework [Link to download Document 3]