Thailand member universities update
October 26, 2018
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May 27, 2019

Healthy University determinant survey

Member universities have been strongly encouraged to adopt the AUN–HPN Healthy University Framework (HUF) to become a healthy university since its first edition was developed in 2017. Monitoring and evaluation on implementation progress of the HUF started with an online questionnaire for all member universities.

The full evaluation, called Scaling up Health Promotion in ASEAN Using a Healthy  University Framework, is likely to take 2 and a half years and will also include focus discussion groups and interviews.

 AUN–HPN has successfully developed the HUF from a workshop in Bangkok in August 2016. The framework was produced in both printed and online versions and distributed to all member universities including network organizations. In February 2018, the IAC suggested monitoring and evaluation of implementation progress, including lessons learned, key success factors, and barriers to the implementation.

The collected data will facilitate the development of programs and future planning to support member universities to efficiently and effectively implement the HUF, and to further strengthen health promotion capacity of member universities in the future.