Management of the ASEAN University Network – Health Promotion Network (AUN–HPN)

AUN–HPN International Advisory Committee (IAC)

The AUN–HPN International Advisory Committee (IAC) was established on 8 October 2015. The primary function of the IAC is to advise the AUN–HPN Steering Committee on a wide range of health promotion issues, especially those relating to the ASEAN region.

Each AUN–HPN IAC member has the following role:

  • advising the AUN–HPN on policy and technical issues related to health promotion within the ASEAN region
  • supporting the mobilization of funds for AUN–HPN activities
  • supporting member universities to increase engagement with the work on AUN–HPN
  • facilitating introduction of agreed programs and activities
  • advocating for AUN–HPN
  • monitoring and evaluating AUN–HPN activities.

AUN–HPN Steering Committee

The AUN–HPN Steering Committee was formed on 10 March 2015 within Mahidol University, as the Secretariat for the AUN–HPN. Chaired by the President of Mahidol University, the Steering Committee provides policy direction for the health promotion network across ASEAN.

The terms of reference for the AUN–HPN Steering Committee are:

  • strategic planning and policy for AUN–HPN
  • support and collaboration in AUN–HPN activities that encourage further cooperation between universities, at regional level and internationally
  • consider and advise on AUN–HPN policy and participate in reaching resolutions with AUN–HPN members
  • participate in AUN–HPN meetings held twice a year
  • perform other duties as assigned.

AUN–HPN Working Group

The AUN–HPN Working Group is responsible for work planning and implementation of AUN–HPN activities. Based at Mahidol University, it was established on 10 March 2015.

The terms of reference for the AUN–HPN Working Group are:

  • provide and prepare plans and resolutions in the short and long-term for relevant targets and policies as instructed by the Steering Committee
  • draft and develop proposals for funding
  • report on activities of AUN–HPN to the Steering Committee for consideration
  • carry out health promotion activities, as directed by the Steering Committee and AUN–HPN plans
  • follow up and assess work performance and progress to the Steering Committee twice a year
  • other activities assigned by the Steering Committee.

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