What do we do?

Areas of work

AUN–HPN focuses on:

1. Healthy university and healthy campus initiatives
2. Mapping of health promotion work at university or national level
3. Research collaboration on health promotion
4. Capacity-building: health promoters, experience-sharing, workshops and training
5. Targeted interventions aiming at various key risk factors
6. Policy advocacy as a tool of joint efforts for health promotion

AUN–HPN Healthy University Framework

The AUN–HPN Healthy University Framework (HUF) publication is the foundation to AUN–HPN’s work. Developed in 2017, it is a reference guide for universities in terms of their roles and policies in health promotion at university level.

The HUF describes health promotion initiatives in ASEAN universities, the principal determinants of a healthy university, implementation of a healthy university framework, as well as mechanisms for assessment, monitoring, and evaluation of a healthy university.

The 22 areas of the framework are divided into systems and infrastructure, and thematic areas of zero tolerance and health promotion.

Systems and infrastructure:

  1. Healthy university policies
  2. Safe buildings and safe, clean environment, green environments
  3. Health promotion services, counseling and advisory support
  4. Equality opportunities including disability-friendly
  5. Health promotion curriculum and co-curriculum
  6. Capacity building on health promotion
  7. Health promotion research
  8. University volunteerism
  9. Budgetary support for healthy university program

Thematic areas – A) Zero tolerance areas:

  1. Smoking
  2. Alcohol consumption
  3. Illicit drug use
  4. Gambling
  5. Violence, bullying and sexual harassment
  6. Road safety violations including helmet use

Thematic areas – B) Health promotion areas:

  1. Health literacy
  2. Mental well-being
  3. Social interaction (e.g. social activities such as student clubs)
  4. Physical activity and active mobility
  5. Healthy diet and balanced nutrition
  6. Safe sexual behaviour
  7. Work-life balance (integration) and healthy ageing

Click here for more about the AUN–HPN Healthy University Framework.

Scaling up health promotion to national and regional levels

AUN–HPN continuously promotes awareness-building and creates outreach activities for health promotion campaigns. By scaling up health promotion to national and regional levels, we can impact and create change to make our communities and societies a healthier place for all.

We want to grow and expand our network, and collaborate with other institutions who share our vision of a healthier society.

Capacity-building workshops

AUN–HPN works to build the capacity of member researchers to conduct studies on health promotion, search for priority research areas for health promotion in ASEAN, and to strengthen the research community network on health promotion among members.

We support our member researchers to become health promoting leaders, to share their experiences on health promotion policy movements, and to discuss how to cultivate and support health promotion leaders at different levels.

Our previous workshops and training have included the Leadership in health promotion workshop and Research capacity building workshop, with an upcoming workshop on health promotion evaluation.