Who are we?

AUN–HPN is a regional network of people and universities working towards a better and healthier society. HPN (Health Promotion Network) is a thematic network of AUN (ASEAN University Network).

We are academics, health experts, practitioners, and higher education institutions working to promote the roles of universities in creating and supporting healthy lifestyles and environments.

We collaborate regionally through research, build the capacities of member researchers, and share knowledge and experiences to tackle common health challenges in the region.

We take a leading role in liaising and cooperating with higher education institutions and partners in the ASEAN region and beyond to accelerate health promotion campaigns and collaborative research for community well-being and public benefits.

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Our goals

Goals of AUN–HPN:

  • Enhance the strong collaboration among and between health and non-health researchers in the ASEAN region
  • Facilitate capacity-building activities in the area of health promotion to reduce the capacity gap among ASEAN countries
  • Facilitate exchange and mobility for students, university faculty staff and health-care professionals for experiential learning and research collaboration on issues related to health promotion
  • Work collaboratively towards empowering communities for good health in the region
  • Advocate for relevant health policies at national and regional level related to health promotion
  • Minimize the economic burden of health care for the region through health promotion
  • Support network activities for sustainability

How we began

Health promotion demands coordinated actions by many parties, and universities are a major influencer. The Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion 1986 set the international principles of health promotion and inspired countries around the world to focus on public health, areas for priority action, and commit to health promotion.

In 1992, the 4th ASEAN summit urged member states to promote “human resource development so as to further strengthen the existing network of leading universities and institutions of higher learning in the region”. This led to the establishment of the ASEAN University Network (AUN) in 1995. Currently, 30 universities across the ten ASEAN countries are members of AUN.

AUN–HPN was established in 2014. AUN–HPN is a thematic network of AUN, dedicated to health promotion in the ASEAN region.

ASEAN universities are implementing the health promotion strategies introduced in the Ottawa Charter. For example, these include:

  • to create environments that support health promotion
  • to empower community towards concrete health promotion, and
  • to develop personal skills throughout life.